A musical breakdown of 2015, budding heroism, and pageantry: this week on Best of SNO

We’re all nostalgic creatures, so naturally, the start of each new year inspires us to reflect on the one that has passed– or, in this case, review the best albums from 2015. However, the majority of our Best of SNO submissions this week seem to be focusing on the present; one student shares their experience living as a Muslim American, while another opens up about living with social anxiety– and one student is actually given an award for their ability to be in the “now” when it mattered the most. Read on for our weekly picks, submitted and written by students just like you.

Top 15 albums of 2015Henry Youtt, Liberty High School
“Within the past year, the music industry has witnessed lasting progress in terms of redefining how the industry perceives the concept of genre. Along with a creative and intellectual shift in hip-hop, pop music and alternative rock both embraced strong disco influences. Evaluating the results of these trends among countless others, I break down the top 15 albums of 2015 (in my unprofessional opinion, at least).”

I Am Muslim, I Am ManchesterNurun Nahar, Manchester High School
“I am an American-born Muslim who has been living in the United States my whole life. Manchester is my home. The United States is my home. I am as American as my neighbors, my fellow classmates, or any other American-born student. Yet, by default, I will never be treated the same as any other American-born student based on the color of my skin, and the fact that I come from a family that practices Islam.”

FHN student presented award, honored for braveryAudrey Baker, Francis Howell North High
“I knew that I had to do something to help when I saw that he had stopped breathing,” said Fedderson. “I don’t remember what happened because it was all a blur, but I remember lots of people hugging me after it was over.”

The Misinterpreted: Why pageant girls matterAnabelle Baxter, Summerville High School
“But even in the face of our unjust disapproval and our attempts to defame them, the (successful) pageant girls continue to sparkle with nobility, they continue to serve the public, they continue to spread their influence.”

Living with social anxietyOlivia Kirklin, Liberty High School
“It affects my everyday life within my family, friendships, and simple functions,” Curt said in a written reply. “It doesn’t just take a toll on me, but the people around me also.”

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