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The SNO Report: Learn about the overhauled Widgets interface

Today, we’re releasing a FLEX theme update to all sites that includes immediate front-end redesigns of some widgets and a total rebuild to the Widget Control Panel editing interface. Let’s talk about it. Why? The new editing and customization interface on the Widget Control Panel is designed to be easier to work with and make […]

The SNO Report: Communicating within FLOW

For FLOW to function at its best, communication is everything. That’s why it’s so important to create individual user accounts for your students on FLOW; that way, everyone is interconnected and easy to reach in the same space, and it ideally keeps everyone engaged knowing they each have a hand in the process. So, in […]

The times they are a-changin’: this week on Fresh Powder

The times they are a-changin’.   Let’s talk about sports, the virtual kind. Video game simulations are as close as sports fans and professional athletes can get to the real thing right now, and all indications are that everybody is loving it. I mean, everybody. Football beat writers are picking up the latest version of […]

The SNO Report: Customize your Source App homepage

The GIF on the right demonstrates our latest update to The Source app, an effort to give you more options to personalize the way your publication looks when your subscribers open it up. First, let’s remember how it used to work. When a subscriber opened your publication on the app, the “Home” screen they found […]

Hendrix played this guitar: this week on Fresh Powder

Hendrix played this guitar.   If you’re going to be watching the NFL Draft tonight, you may recall that, at one time, it was expected to look like something vastly different than it ever had been before, but not in the way it’s turning out. Now, it will be a completely virtual experience. That it’s […]

Congratulations to SNO’s Pacemaker and Gold Crown winners!

In the last week, the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) and Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) announced their annual award winners. We are pleased to congratulate the 14 Online Pacemakers and 26 Gold Crown winners that are part of the SNO community. The winning sites are listed alphabetically below, including their award(s) received in parenthesis: […]

Zoom, zoom, zoom: this week on Fresh Powder

Zoom, zoom, zoom.   There’s a pandemic, but you know that. The New York Times is offering high school students and teachers unlimited digital access to its news through July 6, so you definitely don’t need us spamming you a bunch of virus links (literally). Instead, we have just one: On Best of SNO, we’re […]

The SNO Report: Have the Source app? Tell your readers.

You serve a vital role in keeping your school community informed. When you can’t do it in person, your website and social media pages become more important than ever. Beyond that, we have two mobile apps, the Student News Source for scholastic programs and the College News Source for college publications, to help you reach […]

The SNO Report: SNO Distinguished Sites submission deadline changed

We’ll be honest. When we sent out our last Distinguished Sites email update back in February, the possibility of being thrust into the midst of a global pandemic wasn’t really on our radar. Suffice to say, we recognize that your publication program has probably been undergoing some pretty big structural changes lately, so we’re making […]