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The SNO Report: Have you done these new-year tasks?

We know the start of a new school year is the busiest. We’re feeling it, too. You’re trying to teach a new batch of students what journalism is and introduce them to your news site, all the while finding yourself in a tense cat-and-mouse game with whatever new firewall blocks your school snuck into the system […]

Why did the ketchup blush: this week on Fresh Powder

A summary of journalism news and pop culture brought to you by   The lede The No. 1 true-crime podcast on the market, Crime Junkie, is facing plagiarism accusations and removed several of its episodes in response to specific charges, so far avoiding lawsuits. But is it just being picked on? Variety: “Those in the true-crime podcast world […]

The SNO Report: What’s New from SNO

Hello, you! Welcome to another school year with the SNO Patrol. Summer’s been fun, hasn’t it? But it’s time to get to work. Here are a couple of new toys and another change we want you to know about: The new FLOW A new version of FLOW is here to hopefully help make overseeing your journalism program […]

The SNO Report: Best of SNO Superlatives

Alright, so automating Best of SNO really worked. It created a project (new jobs!) for a full-stack developer and a few gray hairs (who’s counting!) for an education/training specialist. It had an MVP-caliber year. Here’s proof: At the time of this email, Best of SNO had… More than 12,900 stories submitted to it, since September 416 participating […]

The SNO Report: Tasks to End the Year

Whether your school’s still making up for a bunch of snow days or you’ve already been dismissed for the summer, we hope we can ease your brain a little bit with a straightforward list of tasks to do before your website goes to sleep. Turn your site’s departing staff members into subscribers. Doing this retains […]

Distinguished Sites Derangement

It’s badge season at SNO Sites, and things are starting to heat up in our elongated version of March Madness. As the season is about half way over––it started in January and runs through April––we thought it was the perfect time to let you know how things were going. So far this season, 125 badges […]

Fresh Powder: One dress, two llamas, and lots of censorship

A weekly summary of journalistic tidbits brought to you by  SNO. This week, in Journalistic News: “The Dress” is, apparently, relevant: According to Craig Silverman at Poynter, the infamous blue/black/white/gold that almost broke the internet this weekend is a significant reminder that we, as human beings, sometimes see things that aren’t actually there.  He argues we […]

Superb support for successful sites starts with SNO

Dumbfounded by design? Stumped by slideshows? Bamboozled by blockquotes? All alliteration aside, help is never more than a couple clicks away. Our help site is full of detailed instructions and step-by-step videos to get you up to speed quickly. You can search for something in particular, or just browse at your leisure. Fill out a […]

Fresh Powder: Snapchat, NYT, and SJW2015

A weekly summary of journalistic tidbits brought to you by   Snapchat recently released a new mobile news feature called “Discover,” which allows users of the app to swipe to the left to access news updates from a variety of partners; CNN, Yahoo, and ESPN, just to name a few.  This is a significant development […]

Fresh Powder: February 18, 2015

A weekly summary of journalistic tidbits brought to you by   Today in the SNO Report we’re introducing a new newsletter from SNO: Fresh Powder.  Each week, members of the SNO Patrol will scour the Web, looking for the most interesting journalism-related stories that you might otherwise have missed.  A Twitter competition lead to an influx of media […]