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Fresh Powder

A weekly summary of journalistic tidbits brought to you by   Today in the SNO Report we’re introducing a new newsletter from SNO: Fresh Powder.  Each week, members of the SNO Patrol will scour the Web, looking for the most interesting journalism-related stories that you might otherwise have missed.  A Twitter competition lead to an influx of media […]

Tweets and Toots

Twitter is a driving force in today’s news coverage. We asked some advisers in the SNO network how Twitter has helped enhance their journalism programs. Here’s what they told us. Vincent DeMiero, adviser at Mountlake Terrace High School, realized a few years ago that integrating social media into his journalism program would help it flourish. […]

The Earn Your Story Page Excellence Badge Edition

Regardless of your role on the news staff, head on over to your publication’s website and click on any story. That’s right, any story. For real, go look at a story page on your publication’s website. I’ll wait. Chances are that the story you clicked on is just a story with a photo. While there […]

Journalism eXchange

Now, I know you’re thinking, “yeah, because that’s just what we need–another social media site.”  Understandable.  Accurate, even.  But, hear us out;Journalism eXchange isn’t just another place to type up 140 characters and send it out into the internet void. It’s a place specifically designed for people who care about journalism education.  It’s a website […]

The Earn Your Multimedia Badge Edition

Okay people. It’s time to step up your multimedia game. Here we are about a month into 2015, and only three sites have even tried to get the Multimedia Badge. Sure,the criteria may look a bit daunting but earning this badge is really pretty simple. For the videos, just think story. We’re looking for videos […]

Recruitment Season

As a seasoned journalism adviser, you know that your staff members are the lifeblood of your program; and obviously, the best way to keep that blood pumping is to continuously recruit more staff.  Sounds easy enough, but students lead hectic lives, and with so many extracurriculars to choose from already, how can you make sure yours […]

The Earn Your Continuous Coverage Badge Edition

You’ve been writing and publishing stories all year, and your coverage feels pretty continuous, but in order to earn the Continuous Coverage Badge, you’ll need to do a bit of extra planning. The first part of the badge asks you to publish three separate, fully-developed, stories about an ongoing news event in your community and […]

Teaching with Best of SNO

You probably already know that Best of SNO showcases great student journalism from schools in our network. But the site’s usefulness doesn’t end at bragging rights. In fact, many teachers and advisers use Best of SNO as a powerful instructional tool in their classrooms and newsrooms. We spoke to one such teacher, Natalie Rebetsky, adviser […]

The Earn Your Site Excellence Badge Edition

The Site Excellence Badge is by far the most popular badge that we hand out.  Why? We’re not sure, but it is probably because it means that your site is excellent! To earn the Site Excellence Badge you’ll want to be sure that your site fits all of the criteria, but here are a three […]