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Teaching with Best of SNO

You probably already know that Best of SNO showcases great student journalism from schools in our network. But the site’s usefulness doesn’t end at bragging rights. In fact, many teachers and advisers use Best of SNO as a powerful instructional tool in their classrooms and newsrooms. We spoke to one such teacher, Natalie Rebetsky, adviser […]

The Earn Your Site Excellence Badge Edition

The Site Excellence Badge is by far the most popular badge that we hand out.  Why? We’re not sure, but it is probably because it means that your site is excellent! To earn the Site Excellence Badge you’ll want to be sure that your site fits all of the criteria, but here are a three […]

Google Docs Rock

Here at SNO, we eat, sleep, and breathe WordPress. Why do we love it so? Let us count the ways! It’s flexible, reliable, and user-friendly. No matter what you want to do with your site, there’s probably a plugin or widget that’ll help you do it. You can publish content in just a few clicks—no […]

Pull Quotes and Site Reviews

Got a gold-star quote? Make it shine. Ever written a sentence so fantastic that you think to yourself, “Gee, self, wouldn’t it be great if this sentence was in larger type and placed in juxtaposition with my article so as to entice readers and/or draw their attention to a key idea, while also visually interrupting […]

SNO FLEX 5.4: Empowering Students and Advisers with New Storytelling Tools

We are pleased to announce the release of SNO FLEX 5.4, which takes a major step forward with new storytelling and design tools, all of which were created to empower student journalists to make decisions for how to present their stories. For those already on the FLEX platform, the update is available immediately on your WordPress dashboard. […]

SNO FLEX 5.3.11 released

This version includes numerous bug fixes and feature enhancements of our FLEX 5.3 platform.  To update your site to the latest version of FLEX, click on Themes under the Apperarance tab and click the Update link next to SNO FLEX.

SNO FLEX Update: FLEX 5.3 Released

We’re pleased to announce the release of Version 5.3 of our SNO FLEX platform.  All customers with a SNO FLEX site can upgrade to this newest version for free.  To update, click on Themes under the Appearance tab and look for the Update link.  If you need assistance with the update, please send us a support email.  Here are the new features: The story […]

SNO FLEX Version 5.2 Released

We are proud to announce the release of SNO FLEX 5.2.  We’ve installed this new release on all sites that have the SNO FLEX theme, and with this release, the SNO FLEX theme now has automatic updates enabled.  In the future as we release new versions with new features and bugfixes, you’ll be able to […]