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The SNO Report: Lessons in writing reviews

There are a million and a half of them out there. Of course I’m talking about entertainment reviews, talking heads weighing in on this new Ariana Grande album and that “Crazy Rich Asians” movie. You publish your take and enter the fray. When we sat down with Detroit-based music journalist Gary Graff in October and asked him […]

The SNO Report: Recruiting and marketing your class

You don’t have enough students in your journalism class for it to be an elective, technically, but the guidance office is looking the other way; at least, they are this year. So, you know you need to step up your game. The future of journalism is at stake here! That’s the situation Chris Grazier, adviser […]

The SNO Report: What Is A Caption?

What is a photo caption? Not knowing is going to cost you several of our SNO Distinguished Sites badges, or at least delay your attempt to earn them. In asking there to be captions and credits on all images and graphics — original and outsourced — we’re not just asking you to fill space. We […]

The SNO Report: Did you see those galleries?

Late last week, we bought our photo galleries new clothes and new toys. Did you notice? The display and function of them got an upgrade. Here’s what changed: When viewing in full screen, we reformatted the space to allow for a larger area where your photos can really pop. The big changes in this view, […]

Stories you can localize and deadlines to meet: this week on Fresh Powder

Localize this Maybe your brain works this way, too: You click on a couple of the latest articles from Wired and while reading each one, it hits you, “Hey! Why couldn’t we do this article, too?” … First, there’s the uber-simple election coverage — just pictures! This photographer captured New Yorkers standing in voting lines, thus capturing the resilient […]

The SNO Report: 5 things your site should have

The days are so few between holiday breaks, which means you’re running out of time to actually accomplish the things you set out to, on your student news site this semester. Whether you splurged and bought a site this year or simply committed yourself to recommitting to it, we sure hope you’ve been successful. However, […]

The SNO Report: It’s SNO Distinguished Sites Season

Your favorite time of year is back, the time of year when you can begin applying for our SNO Distinguished Sites badges. Like Best of SNO, this year you’ll submit for badges on your own site dashboard, in the tab for SNO Badges. There, you’ll get started, track your progress, submit to Best of SNO, and […]

The SNO Report: Create a Breaking News template

There might be a pretty good opportunity for breaking news coverage next week as the midterm election results start to come out. Presenting your coverage online, here’s the big thing to think about: Where’s it going to go?  Is it time to finally use the Breaking News Ticker? Add headlines to it throughout the day as you […]