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SNO Recognizes 49 Student Publications As SNO Distinguished Sites For 2018-19

SNO’s Distinguished Sites national recognition program, developed six years ago in an effort to more-clearly outline a set of standards for online student journalism excellence, saw more participation and success than ever before during the 2018-2019 school year. SNO recognized 49 student publications as distinguished sites, compared to 27 last year, and awarded a total of 219 […]

Burning: This Week On Fresh Powder

The lede “Ummm is this terrorism?” Surely, my wife was not the only one to send a text like that last week as you and I and the rest of the world watched the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris burning. An acknowledgement from Poynter on the day’s successful myth-debunking collaboration. Seconded In TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list, […]

Tiger, Tiger Woods, y’all: this week on Fresh Powder

Legendary CBS Sports announcer Verne Lundquist retired from everything — everything, except for this. Except for The Masters. This weekend was why. This weekend, Tiger Woods won his first major championship since 2008. What’s to follow is a collection of the best stories about the biggest sports story of this century. (Don’t even try arguing with […]

Winter is coming: this week on Fresh Powder

The lede There’s only one television show important enough infiltrate “The lede” of this news digest, and on Sunday, that show returns to us, and then six weeks later it will leave us — Game of Thrones will be gone, forever. “An era will have ended in Westeros,” Matt Zoller Seitz writes for Vulture, “And as goes Westeros, so […]

The SNO Report: Meeting the SNO Developers

Noah and Travis are our two undercover guys. They lurk in the shadows (when their overhead desk light is off), living in the matrix, making sure your sites are up, running and doing all the things they’re supposed to be doing. They automate this, app that… migrate this, maintenance that. None of it makes any […]

Going Beyond The Game: Last Month On Best Of SNO

There’s a certain kind of sports story that’ll get you published on a national platform like ours, at Best of SNO, if it’s well done. It’s a feature. It isn’t often a game story. Three of the recent bests are linked below, along with more of the best stories from the last month or so, written […]

That got out of hand: this week on Fresh Powder

The lede After all the news and in-depth explainers of it, followed by the “What’s Nexts” for him and her and them, it’s now time for the round of media introspectives. “The Resistance Media Weren’t Ready for This,” measures The Atlantic: “After years of accruing followers, retweets, and Patreon donations with fevered speculation about the Mueller probe, they […]

The SNO Report: Eighteen SNO customer sites named Gold Crown winners by CSPA

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association announced its Gold Crown winners this week with 18 of 24 winners in online media categories coming from the SNO community. The SNO winners are: In Digital News: Pathfinder, Parkway West High School (Ballwin, MO) Southwest Shadow, Southwest Career and Technical Academy (Las Vegas, NV) The Red Ledger, Lovejoy High School (Lucas, […]

Moving To New Zealand: This Week On Fresh Powder

The lede True story: Less than a week after the deadliest mass shooting in New Zealand’s history, its government not only put into motion but passed, effective immediately, a ban on military-style assault weapons which includes a buy-back program and eliminating the license that enables the sale of the weapons: CNN. (All this and time for the victims’ […]