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Criticism, endorsements and the future: this week on Fresh Powder

But what if it’s bad? Consider for a moment the significance of recent box-office hit Crazy Rich Asians, which many student journalists are filing reviews of lately. Great, right? But is it actually any good? New York Times critic Wesley Morris wrote a thoughtful essay about how cultural criticism — that of art, television, movies — has worsened, in 2018, by becoming more […]

The SNO Report: Covering the midterm elections

You can’t escape it. The political ads pouring into your poor mailbox and out of your television screen (here’s our favorite). The context applied to all news, or discussions of news, coming out of Washington, D.C. recently. The midterm elections are right around the corner. On our podcast with The New York Times’ design team, they […]

The SNO Report: Covering Sports On Your Site

As the calendar flips to October, fall sports season is hitting its stride. That means every game has higher stakes and the postseason is right around the corner, if not already here for some. So, there’s a lot to cover. What could you be doing? Previews and gamers Some teams play so frequently — volleyball, […]

The SNO Report: Getting acquainted to Google Analytics

Step into most professional newsrooms and you’ll find someone with knowledge of web traffic. Maybe it’s the general manager or an editor, or maybe it’s someone hired specifically to track and find uses for that data. In your newsroom, who’s that person going to be? As a SNO customer, you have access to Google Analytics, the […]

The SNO Report: What will your identity be this year?

“How do we design our header?” Here’s a good question we get a lot, especially this time of year. New editors are at the controls, wondering how to put their unique stamp on the year. This is a pretty simple answer, as far as we’re concerned. You can do it yourself, or you can hire us to do […]

The SNO Report: Get your staff page together

The first couple weeks of school might be the most free time you’ll have, before all your time is spent report, writing and publishing, and other class workloads spike, to put together your 2018-2019 staff page. The staff page can be a fun team building activity, if you do it right, and can, at least, get new […]

The SNO Report: Welcome To A New School Year

It happens every August. Support tickets ramp up all of a sudden, and then we know only one thing can be true: school is back in session. We sure hope you’re settling in and excited to get your site up and running again. We’re back in your email inbox today, not to make you think […]