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The SNO Report: Get to know the mobile homepage

SNO sites come completely mobile responsive out of the box, always have and always will, so you’re basically all set. But depending on the size of your mobile audience, which you should assume is bigger than you imagine but that you can know for sure by studying your analytics, you may want to focus more attention […]

It’s Aunt Becky Calling: This Week On Fresh Powder

A summary of journalism news and pop culture brought to you by   The lede On the “largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice,” a lot was written. From The New York Times, a well-organized cheatsheet that’d get you into USC. …  “In the back of his head, he couldn’t help but wonder if […]

The News Digest Is Back: This Week On Fresh Powder

A summary of journalism news and pop culture brought to you by   The lede Like something out of Dolores Umbridge’s desk in Harry Potter, “Some individuals have a colored ‘X’ over their photo, indicating whether they were arrested, interviewed, or had their visa or SENTRI pass revoked by officials,” NBC 7 San Diego described from its investigation […]

The SNO Report: Story formatting no-nos

You know how on cop shows the detectives always show the crime scene photos to the person they believe to be the perp to see if it triggers a reaction? Below, we’re going to show you a bunch of images of things that are wrong when formatting stories on your news site — little things […]

The SNO Report: Follow us around this summer

At our Minnesota base, it snowed in record-breaking sums in February. That has us longing for warmer days — the ones we’re expecting this summer. We’ll be popping up at workshops all over the country this summer, delivering on-site, SNO-focused digital media training. Meet us there? Check out our schedule below and feel free to […]

The SNO Report: Slam dunk story grids you can do

When the calendar hits March 1 this week, you’ll have only two months left to earn SNO Distinguished Sites badges and the whole enchilada. To earn the Story Page Excellence Badge, you’ll have to submit correctly-assembled Grid, Side-by-Side and Long Form templates among other examples. In some cases, those are templates you have to plan […]

The SNO Report: Starting A Podcast, Part 2: Time To Do It

Last week, in Part 1 of this series, we coached you through everything to setup a podcast, from generating an idea to picking an eventual home for it and an audio editing program. Now is the best part. Now, it’s time to actually do it. Producing your content involves selecting theme music, determining a general structure […]

The SNO Report: Lessons in writing reviews

There are a million and a half of them out there. Of course I’m talking about entertainment reviews, talking heads weighing in on this new Ariana Grande album and that “Crazy Rich Asians” movie. You publish your take and enter the fray. When we sat down with Detroit-based music journalist Gary Graff in October and asked him […]