Entries by Tom Hutchinson

Social media is shaping everything, apps are reviving mobile news, and Seinfeld is still awewsome: this week’s Fresh Powder report

Social media sculpts our news: The coverage of the Paris attacks, when compared with the coverage of the bombing in Beirut, was largely disproportionate– when it came to Paris, the response time was faster, the information was widespread, and links were shared consistently and quickly, while Beirut went largely unnoticed. Why? Social media. This investigation […]

Service journalism, how to grade with hope, search for a good scoop, and appreciate fictional journalism: this week’s Fresh Powder Report

What to do when you’re both excited and question something: The exclamation point and question mark merged together to form one of the most unique methods of punctuation– but where did it come from? Here’s the very brief history of the interrobang that you never knew you wanted. The importance of service journalism: Dow Jones […]

Insta-blogging, safe spaces (or lack thereof), and an exciting contest from Flipboard: this week’s Fresh Powder Report

Instagram is the new blog: Instagram is quickly becoming more than just a way to share well-cropped, filtered photos of your cat being adorable; Insta-blogging has made an impact among celebrities, journalists, artists, and creative writers alike. While each Instagram “caption” is limited to 2,200 characters, it creates a unique platform for micro-blogging, accompanied with […]

The SNO Report: Getting griddy with it

Getting griddy with it: possibilities for the new grid template Ever wanted to try a “Humans of New York”-style feature on your site, using multiple photographs and short anecdotes or interviews for each? You’re not alone! We’ve gotten zillions of questions about the best way to design these stories, and after scratching our heads for […]

The SNO Report: Social media tips

On social media, show there’s a person behind the post. You’re busy, and you want to promote the new content on your site. The simple solution appears to be a plugin that will automatically post to Facebook and send a tweet whenever a new story is published. Resist the temptation! Readers want to see a little […]

Respect for the dead, how emojis were born, and a major breech of the first amendment: this week’s Fresh Powder Report

Reporting on the dead: Does privacy matter much when you’re not here anymore? One 8,000 word piece published in the New York Times took an extremely close look at the death of New Yorker George Bell— an otherwise ordinary man who’s apartment left behind plenty of details about his life. This article dove into the […]