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The SNO Report: Add your site to Apple’s News app

This week’s release of Apple’s iOS 9 includes a new app called News. Articles in the News app are pulled from a wide range of sources, and you can easily add your site to that content pool by following a few simple steps. Start by going to https://www.icloud.com/newspublisher/. Once there, create or sign in with an Apple […]

Adobe.edu, Will Smith and Concussions, Talk Show Hosts, and Hip Grandmas: This Week’s Fresh Powder Report

Adobe 101: New staff members struggling with Photoshop? Need a refresher in InDesign? Check out the Adobe education exchange for tutorials, discussions, and more. Fictitious Censorship: Will Smith is set to star in the film “Concussion,” which takes a closer look at a degenerative brain disease that specifically affects NFL players due to repeated blows […]

The SNO Report: Year-End Best Practices

Because it’s the end of May and you are a journalism adviser, you are probably thinking about summer, and we respect that, but we’d like you, for just a moment, to think about SNO. Why? At the end of the school year, it’s important to complete a few quick tasks to be sure that your […]

A Vietnam Newseum exhibit, Snapchat is hiring, how not to be boring, and exciting news from Bill Murray: this week’s Fresh Powder Report

Vietnam Newseum: Just in time for Memorial Day, “Reporting Vietnam” opened in the Newseum last weekend, and will be on display through early September. Honoring the 50-year anniversary of America’s first televised war, this display has images, audio, and press coverage from the war, and takes a good look at the media’s involvement with it. […]

The Columbia Journalism Experiment, First Amendment Awards, and the answer to short attention spans: this week’s Fresh Powder Report.

A weekly summary of journalistic tidbits The Experiment: 14 students from the Columbia Journalism School created a collaborative site that takes a look at the most successful and prominent experimental journalism of today. Why? So they’re better prepared for the industry when they graduate, so they learn to adapt to new-age journalism; to share their […]

From the newsroom to the classroom

While SNO works with many middle schools, high schools, and colleges, we’re lucky enough to host a few elementary school papers as well. One of these is The Colonial Times, from Colonial Elementary School in Pelham, New York. We recently spoke with Rich Zahradnik, who teaches the fourth and fifth graders that comprise the Times’ […]