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Twitter as a classroom, the art and ethics of shaming, and more from Fresh Powder

This week, in Journalistic News: “Phones-On” Learning: A college professor chronicles her experience moving her social media course’s discussion to Twitter in order to provide a more relevant and hands-on educational experience.  She included weekly live Twitter chats as a part of her syllabus, and grades students both on their participation in the weekly chat, as well as […]

Fresh Powder: Women in tech, the future of journalism education, and a new app called Meerkat

This week, in Journalistic News: We celebrate awesome ladies in journalism and technology. International Women’s Day was this past Sunday, so let’s all take a moment to appreciate some of the coolest women in the journalism and tech industry (according tojournalism.co.uk). Included in this list are the editor-in-chief of the Guardian, an editor at BBC News, […]