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The Columbia Journalism Experiment, First Amendment Awards, and the answer to short attention spans: this week’s Fresh Powder Report.

A weekly summary of journalistic tidbits The Experiment: 14 students from the Columbia Journalism School created a collaborative site that takes a look at the most successful and prominent experimental journalism of today. Why? So they’re better prepared for the industry when they graduate, so they learn to adapt to new-age journalism; to share their […]

From the newsroom to the classroom

While SNO works with many middle schools, high schools, and colleges, we’re lucky enough to host a few elementary school papers as well. One of these is The Colonial Times, from Colonial Elementary School in Pelham, New York. We recently spoke with Rich Zahradnik, who teaches the fourth and fifth graders that comprise the Times’ […]

The SNO Report: Badge Recap and Celebration!

Thank you to the 128 news publications that applied for badges over the past four months. It was another successful badge season here at SNO! We awarded 172 badges overall! While every school that earned a badge should be proud of their accomplishment, we’d like to especially congratulate the 14 news programs that earned the ultimate distinction […]

Badges, pacemakers, and slideshows v. galleries

You are running out of time! The deadline to earn badges as a part of the SNO Distinguished Sites program is May 1, which is next Friday. Have you submitted for one or more of the SNO badges? What are you waiting for? Apply today. Congratulations are in order Speaking of awards, six awesome SNO […]


The deadline to earn badges as a part of the SNO Distinguished Sites program is May 1 which, in case you don’t have a calendar near by, is next Friday. So, here are your top seven reasons to spend the next week earning your badges:   It’s practically summer, so it’s time to go out […]

Books to read, resources to rely on, and webinars to watch: this week’s Fresh Powder Report

A weekly summary of journalistic tidbits Timeless Journalism: The original AP report from the night of President Lincoln’s assassination shows that on-the-spot journalism will always be relevant. Successful Twitter journalists to inspire your staff: Just in case you were doubting the importance of Twitter in relation to journalism,here’s a list of the most influential political […]

Video, video, and more video

This week we’re focusing on what may arguably be the most challenging aspect of digital journalism to tackle — video. From news broadcasts to sports highlights, video is no longer a medium online publications can ignore. We turned to two of your fiercely talented adviser colleagues to learn their success stories with video. Jonathan Rogers oversees […]

Aggressive advisers, apathetic students, and sentence writing 101

The board strikes again: North Michigan University recently fired their newspaper adviser for being too “aggressive” when it came to reporting campus news; of course, a lot of the news the student-led board took issue with didn’t necessarily reflect too well on the university. The paper had investigated topics such as the number of sexual assaults […]