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The SNO Report: Resources for journo advisers

At SNO, we’re focused on making the life of a journalism educator a little easier. With that in mind, here are 8 online resources we think are worth checking out: EditTeach.org: Here you’ll find a collection of useful journalism teacher/adviser goodies, including headline challenges, editing resources, ways to improve content, and even a lesson on […]

Get to know student journalist Dan Fishbein

This week, we decided to profile a student journalist from a school in our network. Why? It’s always interesting to get a peek into a peer’s brain, especially if that brain is focused on journalism. Plus, SNO loves to recognize hard work and dedication. Plus, students are cool. Dan Fishbein is co-editor-in-chief of the Algonquin […]

More data journalism, good news for BuzzFeed hopefuls, podcasts and the Rolling Stone

BuzzFeed brings itself to you (sort of): BuzzFeed reveals their Emerging Writers Fellowship Program, which details a four-month program that provides potential candidates with career mentorship, financial support, and a variety of writing workshops and panel discussions. Being a part of a major news-related corporation has just become more accessible– if you know anyone who […]

Printing your paper is easy with SNNO

Sure, online newspapers are great. You’re publishing at the speed of light, you’ve got multimedia options galore, you’re winning awards and SNO badges like nobody’s business. Plus, your website sure looks fancy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But do you ever get nostalgic for the crinkly newsprint of yore? Do you miss the good old days of […]

AP Change-up, Robot Takeover, and the rise of student journalism

AP messes with our guidelines again: The AP Stylebook released its annual updates at the ACES conference this year; no changes too drastic, though. A quick glance over the AP Stylebook’s Twitter pageinforms us that global warming and climate change can be used interchangeably, though climate change is more scientifically accurate. The phrase “committed suicide” […]

The Check Out Your Analytics Edition

When you publish online you can’t see folks reading your content and their fingers don’t get all inky with newsprint, but you can find out exactly how many readers have viewed your website and read each story through the glory of analytics! Then, through analyzing this data, you can make informed choices about your publishing habits. […]

The SNO Report: FLOW v. Trello, CSPA Crown Awards

Chances are you’ve heard some buzz about Trello. We’ve heard it, too. Trello is nice tool for managing projects, but we believe SNO FLOW is a better fit for the needs of scholastic journalism programs like yours. Let’s start with the obvious question: Why buy FLOW if Trello is free? Unlike Trello, which was created as a project management tool […]

Resume Building, BuzzFeed, and Bad Admins: This week’s Fresh Powder Report

This week, in Journalistic News: The pros say: Five successful journalists share their stories on getting started in the journalism industry; from the most important apps to re-affirming the importance of knowing how to navigate social media, these pros give their tips for young, hopeful journalists-to-be. Building that resume: And, while we’re on the subject of […]

Twitter as a classroom, the art and ethics of shaming, and more from Fresh Powder

This week, in Journalistic News: “Phones-On” Learning: A college professor chronicles her experience moving her social media course’s discussion to Twitter in order to provide a more relevant and hands-on educational experience.  She included weekly live Twitter chats as a part of her syllabus, and grades students both on their participation in the weekly chat, as well as […]