Baby, it’s cold outside and learning foreign languages: last month on Best of SNO

It’s very cold and snowy outside but it has been warming on Best of SNO, where we’re seeing record numbers in daily submissions littered with excellent stories. These are some of the best from the last month or so, written and submitted by students just like yours.

Super teachers, super moms, by Eugenia Dominguez-Chaires, Cathedral Catholic High School
“Women who excel professionally and personally pervade the CCHS community. In the last year and a half, four CCHS teachers have given birth and then returned to their beloved teaching.”

Speaking multiple languages helps students in school and business worldsby Connor Del Carmen and Shon Sayfuddinov, Marquette High School
“Daniel Guardado, sophomore, has a skill that puts him at an advantage over many of his peers: he speaks both English and Spanish fluently.”

Sophomore AZ Anderson doesn’t let past experiences have a negative impact on himselfby Kylah Woods, Francis Howell North High School
“At the time, he didn’t really have a grasp on the concept of death, and he didn’t take much time to grieve because he returned to school soon after. ‘I didn’t know I was depressed because I was seven years old and I didn’t really know how to interpret it,’ AZ said.”

How cold is too cold for school?by Grace LeGars, Tyrone Area High School
“Freshman Kaila Moon often walks to and from school and knows there is a limit to how cold it can be before it’s just too cold.”

Swim team’s difficulty retaining African American girls: hairby Tyler Jones, Henry W. Grady High School
“However, after the 2016 Rio Olympics, the narrative because to change. ‘The first thing people said (about Simone Manuel) is, ‘Oh, her hair,’’ Wesley said.”

Fighting for Frenchby Kate Fernandez, Granite Bay High School
“In addition to being regarded as a significantly difficult language, students often think French isn’t as useful in California — one of four U.S. states that border Mexico.”

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