Barbies, bad blood, and ebola: this week on Best of SNO

One high school has us beaming with pride after ranking first place in an international journalism society, while another program in the SNO network was placed under unwarranted social media fire. It’s been an eventful week in the Best of SNO inbox — read on for our weekly picks.

Pony express ranks international first place, Quill and ScrollMary Burchill, Stillwater Area High School
“The Quill and Scroll is an international high school journalism honor society that focuses its awarding on high school writers and newspaper publications. 14,104 schools across the globe participate in the Quill and Scroll. After another successful year has passed, the Pony Express has been awarded first in the Quill and Scroll.”

Not-so-socially-acceptable mediaMimi Wright, Kirkwood High School
“Eden has nothing to do with our coverage– especially our decision to cover this issue that we felt was important to the community because it greatly affected our school. However, Miller chose to take to Twitter to attack Eden publicly about a sidebar on the same page as the staff editorial.”

Barbie becomes more beautifulIlisha Strassler, Santaluces Community High School
“I quickly became insecure and refused to go to the beach. Despite not even knowing what self confidence was, Barbie ruined mine.”

Anime plus ebola equals…genocide cult?Dane Dorius, Ames High School
“Now, there were certainly people only in it for the memes and the humor inherent in worshipping the anime version of ebola. But there were (and still are) people who took her seriously. This plague became the hope of mass genocide to these crazy folks. The reasons for the desire varied (and were often rooted in ignorance and stereotypes), but people wanted the entirety of Africa dead.”

Homeless Pete and the extravagant tattoo tentJordynn Zier, Cannon Falls High School
“Willing to take whatever risk, he bites his tongue and braces for what seems to be the opportunity of a lifetime. The buzz of the makeshift machine resounds throughout the tiny tent, and his decision is set in stone – or skin.”

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