• What is Best of SNO?

    Best of SNO showcases the best student journalism from members of the SNO Network. Why? We want to recognize excellent work; you’ve likely put a lot of time and effort, (possibly some blood, sweat and tears—we don’t judge) into your various journalistic explorations, and you deserve to be congratulated! Plus, we hope to inspire other students with your awesomeness by giving them fresh ideas and showing them some new approaches to traditional news material.

    We post new content daily, so we’re always on the prowl for great writing, original images, video, audio, and whatever else you’ve got up your sleeve.

  • What should I submit?

    This may seem redundant, but we like good journalism—engaging, concise, and relevant. Whether local or global, stories should provide a larger context and provoke discussion. Save “you,” “me,” and “I” for editorials and opinion pieces only. The writer should maintain authority and credibility.

    Your work should be polished and error-free. Passive voice is not something we enjoy here at SNO headquarters, so make sure you’re not using it. Check your facts, attribute your quotes, and for the love of peanut butter, please don’t plagiarize. We also like the Oxford comma, but we won’t hold it against you if you don’t.

    Maybe most importantly, your stories should stand out from the crowd. We’re not afraid of a little controversy; if you’ve got something that’s weird, crazy, or even totally earth-shattering, send it our way!

  • The Fine Print

    Best of SNO is curated and managed by SNO Sites. By submitting work to Best of SNO, you acknowledge that:
    1) SNO Sites may republish this work.
    2) Any necessary releases and/or licenses for use of photos, videos, and/or music have been secured.
    3) Work submitted is original, not plagiarized or fabricated.
    4) Best of SNO may edit your work for clarity and/or length.