SNO FLEX 5.4: Empowering Students and Advisers with New Storytelling Tools

We are pleased to announce the release of SNO FLEX 5.4, which takes a major step forward with new storytelling and design tools, all of which were created to empower student journalists to make decisions for how to present their stories. For those already on the FLEX platform, the update is available immediately on your WordPress dashboard.

The most significant enhancement is the addition of a long-form story template with new options including immersive photo displays, integrated gallery tools, and chapter navigation. This new template allows a compelling and dominant photo to introduce the story, and the chapter navigation tool enables longer, in-depth stories or multiple components of comprehensive coverage. It’s perfect for other uses, such as pro/con opinion pieces, lists, or groupings of reviews.  FLEX users can find instructions for using the new story tools here.

Taking advantage of the multitude of design options in SNO FLEX just got easier, too. The design options interface has been restructured and simplified, so users can easily find the styles and design elements they want to adjust. The SNO FLEX style tools allow users to apply one of six style starters their entire site with just a few clicks. Additionally, staffs can adjust any color, background, pattern, widget style, or font on the site. The tools empower students to decide what look and configuration works best, and the configuration can change depending on the latest stories.

The latest version of FLEX retains all the tools that school news staffs have used for more than a year: responsive design that will automatically look great on any device, a drag-and-drop design interface for the home page and the ability to configure and adjust every aspect of the site.

Those programs not already on FLEX can upgrade for $300 by filling out the upgrade order form.

Have questions or need help?  Send us a support ticket.

We hope you and your students enjoy SNO FLEX 5.4.

The SNO Patrol

SNO FLEX 5.3.11 released

This version includes numerous bug fixes and feature enhancements of our FLEX 5.3 platform.  To update your site to the latest version of FLEX, click on Themes under the Apperarance tab and click the Update link next to SNO FLEX.

SNO FLEX Update: FLEX 5.3 Released

We’re pleased to announce the release of Version 5.3 of our SNO FLEX platform.  All customers with a SNO FLEX site can upgrade to this newest version for free.  To update, click on Themes under the Appearance tab and look for the Update link.  If you need assistance with the update, please send us a support email.

 Here are the new features:

  • The story page has been completely overhauled to use the full width of the story page.  To see a sample of the story page, go to and view any of the stories there.  On the SNO Design Options page, there are a whole series of options that allow you to customize the display of this story page.

  • A story can be assigned either to the new full width story template or the old template with a sidebar — this option is just above the Publish/Save button when you’re editing a story.

  • Secondary headlines (decks) can now be displayed on the story page — look for the new custom field box in the right column when adding/editing a story.

  • The category view page now displays tiles of stories rather than a list of stories.  There’s an option on the SNO Design options page in the “Category Pages” section that allows you to revert back to the old list style if you prefer that.

  • The Profile Preview view for the Staff page now allows you to add vertical photos and customize the size of the preview tiles — you’ll find these options on the SNO Design Options Page in the “Staff” section.

  • We’ve added two horizontal scrolling elements to the homepage as well as three additional homepage widget areas — you can see this in action on  These new features can be activated on the SNO Design Options page in the Homepage Design and Structure section.  Once they’re activated, you’ll see the new widget areas in the widget interface.  The horizontal scrolling elements on the homepage will look best if you assign stories with photos to them rather than stories without photos.

  • We’ve built a new feature that provides a way to give prominent treatment to an important news story in place of the carousel options.  This feature can be activated on the SNO Design Options page in the Homepage Top Story Display Area section.

  • The footer area now displays social media icons, a search bar, and your publication’s name and tagline.

  • The footer area now has a navigation menu.  To use this, first create a new menu (click Menus under the Appearance tab) named “Footer Menu” (It must have this exact name or it won’t show up).  This menu is designed to have only 4 main menu items, and each of the 4 items can have dropdown items. Then, on the SNO Designs Page in the Footer section, you can activate the display of this new menu.

  • For sites with our Multimedia Package, there is now a new feature that allows for a video display at the top of the homepage.  This video display looks the same as the video display on the Multimedia video page.

SNO FLEX Version 5.2 Released

We are proud to announce the release of SNO FLEX 5.2.  We’ve installed this new release on all sites that have the SNO FLEX theme, and with this release, the SNO FLEX theme now has automatic updates enabled.  In the future as we release new versions with new features and bugfixes, you’ll be able to update your SNO FLEX theme through your WordPress interface.

When you click on Themes under the Appearance tab, if there’s an update available, you’ll see a notification and a link you can click to update your theme.  All you’ll need to do is click that link.  None of your content, categories, widget configurations, or design will be lost in the process.

We’re excited about this new release as we’ll be able to roll out new features to a broad number of sites in a quick, efficient manner, ensuring that your site always the latest and greatest that we’re developing.

We’ve also thoroughly tested SNO FLEX with WordPress version 3.5, and we’ve made some minor updates throughout the theme to ensure full compatibility.