Crazy Rich Asians, Homecoming elections and your first Assignment Desk prompt: last month on Best of SNO

Aw, shucks, you guys! You have overwhelmed us with your rampant participation in Best of SNO. And, boy, have you all been busy reporting already this fall.

From what we have gathered, every school in the country is under construction, all of them revamped their security procedures, and all of you saw the movie Crazy Rich Asians.

Sure, it’s not fair to lump everyone together like that, but how far off are we really?

Alas, we’ve had the privilege to recognize tons of terrific work so far, based on the unique news and people in your communities. These are some of the best stories of the past month or so, written and submitted by students just like yours.

Asian-American representation in media trends upwardby Tyler King and Ella Chen, St. John’s School

“There’s a sense of pride (walking out of the movie theatre) because it’s so cool to come out of a movie and say, ‘I totally understood that, I can really relate. I felt super close to that movie.”

The Ballotby DJ McInturff and Bryndle Burks, Herrin High School

“‘It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy, you look up to those girls,’ says Elliot, whose sister and mother were both on the court when they were in high school. Elliot, who wants to take part in this Herrin High School tradition, says he doesn’t feel as if he belongs with the escorts.”

Painted pianos bring peace to Atlantaby Tyler Jones, Henry W. Grady High School

“I think Pianos for Peace (puts) people in places they haven’t been in the past as recently, and it’s immediate. A lot of public art can be ‘don’t touch,’ and this is the opposite.”

How will you be remembered?by Ella Sinciline, North Allegheny Senior HIgh School

“This point interests be because when I look around at my classmates, who are the same age as (and even younger than) Kavanaugh was when he allegedly committed those actions, I do not see kids. I see people who are eloquent, decisive and intelligent. I see people who have control over their thoughts and actions. I see people who have self-awareness and can decipher right from wrong.”

Wanting Mooreby Mason YIngling, Bellwood-Antis High School

“Jordan was starting both ways for Bellwood-Antis’ varsity football team in 2017 … And yet tonight, after three months of rehab, he will make a miraculous return to the football field.”

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And now … you’re first Assignment Desk topic: Midterm Elections.

Perhaps this Assignment Desk topic is something to start planning for, instead of having something to submit right now; after all, the Midterms aren’t for another few weeks.

We don’t so much care for a list of your local, state or national candidates or your polling places — those stories won’t get re-published — but maybe you interviewed a candidate, talked to students who’ve interned with campaigns (we’ve re-published some of these already) or covered a campaign rally. What we’d also want to see is how you covered the day of the election, the voters’ experience, campaigns awaiting results on election night. It’s a good idea to cover the lead-up to the big day, too, how your community is preparing for it, voter registration drives… that kind of thing.

Prepare and publish them on your site. The submission process doesn’t change. We’ll be on the lookout for your political coverage! Here are some pro tips.