Famous alum, a club that empowers, why one student #standswithPP: this week on Best of SNO

Has anyone famous gone to your high school? Two of our Best of SNO picks this week know the feeling; with one alum succeeding in the music industry, and the other a former NFL star, the high schools in the SNO Network are educating some seriously impressive people. Don’t have any famous alumni to boast about? No worries– sometimes a new cafeteria, or even a really cool club, is enough to get you noticed. And we noticed all of that and more this week on Best of SNO; read on for our weekly picks, submitted and written by students just like you.

The Cedar Post interview with former NFL Star Jerry KramerOakley Pettit, Sports Editor, Sandpoint High School
“Kramer began his football career here in Sandpoint as an offensive lineman under Coach Cotton Barlow in the 1950s. He was then recruited to the University of Idaho where he played for four years. After a standout collegiate career, he was selected 39th overall by the Green Bay Packers in the 1958 NFL draft.”

Prismo aims for fameNoah Sanchez, Klein Collins High School
“That’s when it truly hit me that I had reached an audience that I could barely even dream about a year ago. In that moment I realized that I have the potential to achieve things beyond my dreams.”

Students react to new cafeteriaRichard Dye, Santaluces Community High School
“From Asian Experience to Cafe Sol y Mar, more and more students are using the new and improved cafeteria. For the most part, students are happy with the food choices, big-screen television sets and faster lines. Other than the food court-like setting, the biggest change has been having three lunch periods during fifth period.”

How to help 62 million girls rise Natalie Kim, Watchung Hills Regional High School
“Yes, we have glass ceilings to break right here in America, but we need to progress as a world together, and we need to help these girls catch up to where they should be. They should be running for president, becoming professionals, and supporting themselves, not fighting for the right to step foot in a schoolhouse.”

Why I stand with Planned Parenthood Lulu Stracher, Staples High School
“What defunding Planned Parenthood actually does is prevent women, especially low income women who have no other form of health care, from receiving safe and accessible reproductive services.”

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