Flawlessly executed lip synching, tearing down norms, and (tech)Girl Power: this week on Best of SNO

One talented high school from the SNO network gained national (and celebrity) attention after their epic lib-dup video went viral. And, while we can’t all be stars, there are plenty of other SNOflakes out there striving for greatness– one school hopes to help break down the barriers that stand between young women and careers in the tech industry, while another aims to shed some genuine, positive light on how immigration really effects the U.S. Read on for our weekly picks, submitted and written by students in the SNO network.

Tear down the normElise Riley and Sophie Yarosh, St. Louis Park High School
“Gender is so complex and so contested that I don’t think we can or should give a clear definition to it. If anybody came up with a simple, clear definition of what (it) was to be a woman and who counted as a woman, it would have to be wrong.”

Immigration’s positive effects help the U.S.Hayk Martirosyan, Clark Magnet High School
“The American Immigration Lawyers Association found that most studies have shown that foreign-born STEM workers coming to the US showed 10-25 percent productivity growth between 1990 and 2010.”

Let’s hear it for the (Applied Tech) girlsKayla Ruiz, Palatine High School
“For the past several weeks, the seventeen students of eighth period Computer Integrated Manufacturing, or CIM, have been developing “flat-pack” furniture pieces under the guidance of teacher Alex Larson. This classroom, which holds heavy duty machinery, is a noisy environment full of whirring and clanging. And only three of the seventeen students are female.”

BAHS lip dub goes viralNoah Basinger, Broken Arrow High School
“The video spent over 24 hours as the #1 trending topic on Facebook ahead of Charlie Sheen, Drake and Barack Obama.”

Behind the cardboard: Evaluating the Disney magicJake Hamilton, Carlsbad High School
“In the back of my mind I’ll always picture some greedy businessmen making a profit each time these victim’s hunger makes them buy overpriced food, but maybe that’s not the point. I saw kids save the galaxy and defeat Zerg, sail the seas looting treasure, survive a haunted mansion. And as for myself, I had fun for ten hours surrounded by lands from my childhood and new friends.”

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