Fowl, fwiends, and foreign exchange: this week on Best of SNO

The 2015-16 school year is well underway, and you know what that means — Best of SNO is back! Best of SNO is proud to showcase the very best student journalism being published by schools in our network. Check out this week’s selection of news that tickled our fancy: editorials, features, and a report on a rather ‘fowl’ science experiment.

Why I stand with Ahmed MohamedSadde Mohamed, St. John’s School
“I see a lot of myself in Ahmed. How could I not? He shares two-thirds of my name, looks a bit like I did when I was a freshman and is a black Muslim living in Texas. There is one thing, though, reminding me that he is not actually a clone of myself: his composure.”

Forensic science classes take fowl corpse of actionAllie Gruszkiewicz, Bearden High School
“It looks like a grotesque take of someone’s family dinner: a whole store-bought chicken hanging from the roof of a chain link cage. Bits of meat are rotted and just clinging on, and the insides are wriggling with maggots. The smell is harder to describe, but the phrase “dry-heave-inducing” does it some justice.”

18 Years Old, 6,000 Miles From HomeCaroline Britten, Groom High School
“His journey began in Moscow, Russia, a city with almost 12 million people. He flew 18 hours just to come to Groom, Texas, a town with the population of 563. Nikita Kolesnikov is participating in a foreign exchange program and is spending his second senior year halfway across the world from everything that he’d grown to know.”

Junior champions for human rights in VenezuelaLindsay Collier, Cypress Ranch High
“For most, the concepts of flagrant government corruption, violent repression of outspoken citizens, and torture of opposition leaders would seem more in place in a fantastical dystopian novel than reality. For junior Juan Galipoli, however, these ideas are far from fictional—in fact, these are things he has experienced firsthand.”

Flaming Lips poorly modernize classic albumHelen Wheatley, St. Teresa’s Academy
“The album, which is a track by track cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, features many artists such as Miley Cyrus, Tegan and Sara, My Morning Jacket, and Phantogram. From start to finish, With a Little Help from My Fwends is mediocre at best. We can assume the album was supposed to sound extra psychedelic, but the sounds are so overly-electronic that it becomes hard to discern one layer of sound from the next.”

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