Fresh Fish, Family Gains, and Ink Stains: this week on Best of SNO

It’s been a shocking week to say the least, but we’ve had some excellent reading material to carry us through. This week, Taylor Hoover profiles an alumnus teaching grade school in remote Alaska, a Lake Zurich High student finds challenge and growth in caring for his sister, and Ariette Reynaldo inks her way through the entire month of October. Read on for our weekly picks, written and submitted by students just like yours.

Alumni Spotlight: Teaching on the Last Frontier – Taylor Hoover, Tyrone Area High School
“Every day holds numerous wonders that you just can’t get anywhere else.”

The unknown stories of an LZ student – Danna Tabachnik, Lake Zurich High School
“I have learned a lot from her, my family has, and I think we are all better people because of it.”

Inktober paints the world – Ariette Reynaldo, Clark Magnet High School
“If you’ve ever asked about how to improve your drawings, then you’ve most likely heard “draw everyday” as an answer.”

Overcrowding becomes danger, no solution in sight  – Anna Rath, Harrisonburg High School
“There’s just a point where Harrisonburg is going to have to accept the growth that it’s having.”

In the dark – Brendan Johnson, De Smet Jesuit High School
“We need to continue these deeper discussions so that we can begin to understand why we do the things we do and the effects our actions have on other people.”

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