Get to know student journalist Dan Fishbein

This week, we decided to profile a student journalist from a school in our network. Why? It’s always interesting to get a peek into a peer’s brain, especially if that brain is focused on journalism. Plus, SNO loves to recognize hard work and dedication. Plus, students are cool.

Dan Fishbein is co-editor-in-chief of the Algonquin Harbinger, where he’s been honing his journalism skills for four years. Now a senior, Dan started off as a staff writer and sports editor. In addition to writing for the Harbinger, he’s also written for several regional publications including the Cape Codder, Cape Cod Day, and the Harwich Oracle. In 2013, he received a CSPA Honorable Mention for his editorial, “Cheating to stay on top must stop.”

Dan’s obsession with journalism began with sports; he’s a self-described ESPN nut. But his interests have expanded to include political coverage as well. Now he finds story ideas all around him. “The best stories reveal the human element within all of us, these deep interpersonal connections we have with each other,” he says. “I try to take time to listen to people…their stories are really interesting.”

The article Dan is most proud of is also one of the most difficult he’s written–an in-depth profile of Brian Arsenault, an ARHS alumnus killed while serving in Afghanistan. “Some of my sources for that article were crying while talking to me,” he says. “The story’s incredibly sad, and conveying that is a challenge I’d never really had before.”

Though Dan is realistic about what he calls the “precariousness of the field,” he’d still like to pursue a career in journalism. Last summer he participated in a six-week intensive journalism course at Northwestern University. He’s also hoping to attend their journalism school after graduation.

Above all, Dan is modest. “I’m not really sure I’m qualified to give advice to other young journalists, as I haven’t really done anything yet myself,” he says. “I think what I need to do, and what others need to do, is to stay hungry, keep an eye out for news, and follow our passions.”

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