Going Beyond The Game: Last Month On Best Of SNO

There’s a certain kind of sports story that’ll get you published on a national platform like ours, at Best of SNO, if it’s well done. It’s a feature. It isn’t often a game story. Three of the recent bests are linked below, along with more of the best stories from the last month or so, written and submitted by students just like yours:

Bond around the ballby Grace Nugent and Anna Schlett, McCallum High School
“It’s easy to show up and play when your team is obliterating the opposition. The 2017 Mac football team had it easy, enjoying a record-breaking season in which the team reeled off 14 straight victories. The road for the 2018-2019 Mac girls varsity basketball team has been much harder to travel: 24 games, three wins and 21 losses.”

Six for six, by Alexis Russell, Lovejoy High School
“In order to capture the essence of this year’s senior class of basketball players, one must take a look back to 2014, to where it all began: Willow Springs Middle School. There, basketball players were sorted into A, B and C teams, according to skill level. After two years of competition, a select group of players from all three middle school teams moved onto high school. Only six remain. And there’s at least one guy left from each of those teams.”

Everyone has a roleby Noah Schwartz, Pascack Valley High School
“Although Collins has only appeared in nine of 29 games and has scored just 11 points this season, she was willing to leave money on the table and not work.”

Adjusting to life without a sisterby Jules Pung, Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School
“Take this as a big heads-up: while it may sound like a dream to have everything to yourself, the truth is that it’s awkward and unsettling to have no one there, maybe even a little bit scary.”

Walking into a reputationby Fatima Kammona, Iowa City West High School
“This reputation has been heard by many that all the girls on the team do is party, drink and sleep around. Others have heard that they are stuck-up, privileged and think they are perfect and better than everyone else. That they are all the same: The poms.”

The top priorityby Thomas Birmingham, Kirkwood High School
“Aaron was absent for 21 consecutive school days in his first semester of junior year. That first day back, he walked into his seventh hour history class still using his cane for support. That’s when he got the slip from the principal’s office, which said Aaron had 19 hours of detention.”

From Colombia to the U.S.: Not exactly the American dreamby Laura Amador-Toro, Coppell High School
“After being in a country where you hug the security guard of your apartment complex on Christmas, life here felt very lonely.”

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