Good vibes, gradual growth, and true heart: this week on Best of SNO

Two students overcoming some serious health concerns, a club focused on the promotion of nothing but good vibes, and one high school’s visit from an ABC evening reporter:  the Best of SNO inbox has proved there’s no shortage of interesting events taking place in schools all over the SNO Network this week. Read on for our weekly picks.

Journalism students speak to ABC evening reporter Natasha BarrettKamryn Kobal, Cypress Ranch High School
“On Wednesday, Jan. 20, Barrett spoke to high school Journalism students from across CFISD while at the CFISD January Press Conference that took place at Cypress Falls High School. Barrett attended and graduated from Cypress Falls in 1996, which allowed her to reminisce on her teenage years while sharing her experiences as a journalist.”

Painted red for heart healthSydney Wong, Lovejoy High School
“The paramedics delivered three shocks to her heart to get it started again. She received three more shocks after being put into the ambulance. Once she arrived at the Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, the doctors there decided it would be best to put Meghan in a coma to protect her organs.”

I refuse to let cancer define meCourtney Brewer, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
“On July 28, 2015, I sat in a doctor’s office at Central Baptist Hospital and was told that my recent thyroid removal had come back with diffuse sclerosing papillary carcinoma, an extremely treatable but extremely aggressive form of thyroid cancer. My entire world was rocked; just when I thought my battle was over, I was facing an entirely new beast. Today I celebrate six months since my diagnosis, and six months of growth as a person.”

If dance were any easier, it would be called footballAnna Brooks, Tunstall High School
“Is dance a sport? The question that makes every dancer want to fan kick anyone who asks. I believe the only way to prove that dance is a sport is not by telling of all the sit ups, and pushups, and pull ups, and however many other “ups” there are that dancers complete during practice, but rather by giving the facts, or perhaps a play-by-play.”

Good VibesKelly Curtis and Logan Finney, Sandpoint High School
“The Good Vibes Clubs is an offshoot of the Human Rights Club and a response to recent suicides involving high school students. The club is a safe place for students to meet and talk about their life with their peers in a positive manner.”

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