Halloween parades, busy beekeepers, and whole lot of problems with the NFL: this week on Best of SNO

The Best of SNO inbox shed some light on the NFL this week; specifically, how drastically underpaid their cheerleaders are, and how they (still) haven’t made much effort to reduce the risk of head trauma on the field. Here are some other things we learned this week: some of the letters in the well-known anagram (LGBT) are a bit more prominent than others. If you live in the state of Washington, there’s a good chance your school has a beekeeping club. And, if you’re really lucky, your school might host an all-out costume contest in the middle of the day, just in time for Halloween. Read on for our weekly picks, submitted and written by students just like you.

Are the B and T in LGBT silent?Shaina Silverman, Walt Whitman High School
“The truth is, the only way to get trans and bisexual people the recognition that they deserve is to spread awareness of these issues. We have evolved far as a society in how we accept people over the last 20 years, but we still have a long way to go. All people deserve equal rights, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or any other factor.”

Beekeepers sweeten the seasonHartley Witten, St. George’s School
“Located about 5 blocks away from the school property, the beehives are the centre of the Beekeeping Club. The beehive is on a private property, and with the property owner’s permission, the club operates their ever-productive garden, and their beloved hives.’”

Halloween lunchtime parade at Carlmont High SchoolElena Mateus, Carlmont High School
A great video showcasing the student body’s best costumes.

Henna holds a sacred spot in hearts and on handsSophie Jaro, St. Paul Academy and Summit School
“Because of the broad cultural background henna belongs to, appropriating the art form could mean offending at least eight distinct cultures. Modern henna etiquette means one must be cautious not of using henna, but copying original artwork that has become classical design to a religion or culture. Duplicating designs could be interpreted as a form of plagiarism or mockery.”

Teacher shortage is taking its tollTommy Capobianco, Freedom High School
“The sad fact is that there are no answers or easy solutions to this problem. The only hope is that administrators, teachers, and the school board work together to ensure that students are receiving the highest level of education possible.”

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