Hurricane coverage, a car, a hawk and the moon: last month on Best of SNO

The first month for Best of SNO submissions has been rampant. Without question, reporters were ready to write as soon as the school year opened — and they’ve produced some great stuff. This month, our first Assignment Desk, calling for your coverage of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, was a big success. Also, students and teachers watched the solar eclipse, a student at Lovejoy High School wrote about her connection to a 1989 Chevy pickup truck, and a wild hawk invaded the St. John’s School quad. These are some of the best stories of September, written and submitted by students just like yours.

GBHS grad reports live from Hurricane HarveyBrayden Johnk, Granite Bay High School
“Watching kids go through this — seeing the fear in these kids of not knowing if they’ll ever be able to go home again … is pretty awful.”

Harvey hits HoustonKeegan Williams, Liberty High School
“I knew things were about to get bad and I didn’t want to be stuck in my dorm room in the middle of a hurricane.”

Wild hawk spotted devouring squirrel on QuadClaire Furse, St. John’s School
“It was one of those weird times where something is gross but also really interesting, so you can’t take your eyes away.”

Students watch eclipse outside of schoolMahika Mushini, Marquette High School
“About 20 minutes before totality, we noticed how weird the lighting looked. It looked as if someone had put a gray transparent blanket over the earth.”

The 1989 Chevy PickupMary Catherine Wells, Lovejoy High School
“In my earliest memory of the car, I sit on those Mexican blanket seats in between Pappy and Dylan, driving up to the Sonic drive-in to get a root beer float.”

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Assignment Desk: In recent weeks, professional athletes have taken a firm stance (or, rather, a knee) in response to a thread of tweets by President Donald Trump. Their actions have had a ripple effect. Have you felt it in your local community?

This month’s topic: Protests in Sports. What are you writing (what could you be writing) about local athletes and local teams responding to the president’s tweets and the pro sports reaction? Are your athletes also taking a knee or making a different kind of protest? Why? Or maybe they aren’t. Why not? What has happened in your school and community, as a result of this? What do those within your athletic department (players, coaches, administration) think about it? What about everyone else? Find out.

Also, send us your opinion pieces. What are you saying about it? What’s your take?

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Good luck!