Inclusive health classes, redefining gender roles, and sticking up for free speech: this week on Best of SNO

From fighting for new health curriculum to exercising First Amendment rights, the Best of SNO inbox made one thing clear this week – these journalists are standing strong when it comes to reporting the news that matters. These admirable students have started to challenge everything – gender norms, censorship, even their health classes – and we here at SNO headquarters couldn’t be prouder. Read on for our weekly picks.

Parkway approves new Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health CurriculumBetsy Wait and Shannon Anderson, Parkway West High School
“The current curriculum was compared with material outlined in the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) standards, which are used nationally, albeit inconsistently, to regulate information provided in sexual health classes. The new curriculum educates students as young as first grade on body awareness and interpersonal relationships.”

Broadway’s historical Hamilton reflects contemporary racial tensionsBria Blassingame, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School
“Miranda has brilliantly reframed the familiar narrative of the American Founding Fathers so that it not only focuses explicitly on the contributions of immigrants, but people of color as a whole. Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson, Angelica and Elizabeth Schuyler and more – all white in reality – are here depicted as people of color. The only white lead character is, in fact, King George III, the common enemy of the entire cast as they recount their story of the struggle to found and succeed in America.”

Ever since I was a little boy….Vinh Tran, Southwest Career and Technical Academy
“Furthermore, my sister always liked playing with robots and watching television, but I spent much of my childhood in the kitchen with my mother. We had no idea what gender role classifications and gender stereotypes were—we were too busy living out our childhoods. No one in my family ever saw that anything was wrong with the two of us, but the second we arrived at school for show-and-tell, pointed fingers and derogatory words would fill the classroom. Why is it socially unacceptable for a boy to bake a cake or for a girl to watchBatman all day?”

Publications statewide must stand behind First AmendmentKaylee Chamberlain and Hannah Bernstein, St. Louis Park High School
“Despite the natural inclination to enclose ourselves in a bubble, students everywhere must resist. Without open-minded conversation and dialogue, change cannot occur. We believe one of our roles as a key news source in this community is to facilitate such discussions. Instead of harassing or shaming others for their beliefs, students must promote education and conversation. A democracy does not work when we bully those who have opinions different than our own.”

Oh, the places you could go: If you need to leave, here’s where you can liveKasal Smaha, Linganore High School
“In addition, the number of Google searches for “how to move to Canada” spiked after the Super Tuesday presidential primary elections. In a satirical jab, a Canadian island has even offered refuge to Americans if Donald Trump wins the election. For the average American hoping to flee to somewhere a little more sane, here are The Lance’s top ten selections for expatriates.”

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