Kids in Need, Taking a Stand, and Crossing Countries: this week on Best of SNO

It’s nearly spring, can you believe it? We can’t, but we’ve been buried under mountains of excellent Best of SNO submissions (which is not a bad place to be). This week, Davis McCool addresses the problem of homelessness among students in his district, Lawrence High deals with an offensive banner, and Zoee Rogers profiles a new math teacher with a solid case of wanderlust. Read on for our weekly picks, written and submitted by students just like yours.

School district identifies dozens of homeless students in need – Davis McCool, Oxford High School
“I think it starts off with awareness not to have on blinders and get caught in our little bubbles where everything is fine for us,” Roberson said. “There’s not a single person out there who doesn’t want to be loved.”

Shawnee Mission North banner removed from gym – Meredith Chapple, Lawrence High School
“When we have the opportunity to control things and it puts kids in a place where they feel some trust and some respect by their own school, then we’ve got to try to do that.”

Crossing countries, expanding minds – Zoee Rogers, Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School
“If you are willing to be open to new experiences and new adventures, then there is a whole wonderful world out there just waiting for you.”

Proctor inspires and finds love in art – Andi Fox, Harrisonburg High School
“People fascinate me. I like how we all have noses and eyes and teeth, but they are all different.”

Nashville Actors, Robert Kiefer and Carol Ponder, Perform ‘My Father’s War’ to Central Students – Zeena Whayeb, Chattanooga Central High School
“We have performed this play more than 150 times. So the hard thing is, how do I make it new every time?”

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