(New??) Harry Potter, the art of cosplay, and reflections on relationships: this week on Best of SNO

Apparently, The Martian (starring Matt Damon, takes place on Mars, etc.) was a book first; and, according to a film review that made its way into the Best of SNO inbox this week, the film is said to be quite scientifically accurate. Here are some other stories we thought were pretty rad: fall fashion, as told (and shown) to us by the students of St. Paul Academy (and trust us, Minnesotans know all about warm clothing.) A steampunk adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with a lot of stage fighting. Even a hilariously opinionated review of MTV’s newest show, Scream Queens, made the list this week. Read on for our weekly picks, submitted and written by students just like you.

Lightning strikes twice: new Harry Potter content on the riseBrianna Patenaude, Osceola Fundamental High School
“It’s time to break out your magic wands and Hogwarts robes, Harry Potter fans—because the fun times in the wizarding world are far from being over.”

Work hard, (Cos)play hardMinju Kang, West Ranch High School
“[Cosplay] combines the words costume and roleplay,” said Reyna. “[It is] basically like dressing up for Halloween, but Halloween would be everyday for you.” Fans of Japanese manga, or comic books, and anime, television animation, may “cosplay,” meaning that they portray the characters they read or watch.”

Movie review: The Martian “Bring Him Home”Ryan Bond, Linganore High School
“Space: the final frontier. Wait, that’s not right. That’s Star Trek. While Captain Picard and his crew are off exploring the vast corners of the known universe, astronaut and botanist Mark Watney is stuck on Mars, fending for himself in the vastly deserted wasteland of the Red Planet.”

Love without bordersAvery Cummings, Canyon High School
“An Oreo. That’s what we call ourselves. A cute name for our relationship. A name that causes people to give us dirty looks, as if they didn’t do that enough already.”

The new player: How Russia is changing the game in SyriaWilla Smith, Ann Richards School
“On September 4th, it was announced that Russia had sent a military advance team into Syria, which the United States feared meant the country was increasing its support of the government there. This speculation turned out to be true, as Russia has rapidly built-up their military presence in Syria in the past month through development of two additional air bases.”

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