New Starts, First Evers, and Slippery Slopes: this week on Best of SNO

Wow. We’re a few weeks into the school year and the kids are bringing it: Best of SNO submissions are blowing our minds.This week, City High students tell the engrossing story of a classmate and Congolese refugee, Amanda Galvan becomes the first American to place in the Adobe Certified World championship, and Staples High students expose Xanax abuse at their school. Read on for our weekly picks, written and submitted by students just like yours.

In the Middle: A Refugee’s Journey From Congo to IowaMolly Liu and Nova Meurice, City High School
“Nyamadorari called to her mother to wake her, but heard no answer. Her father, hearing her cries, confirmed her fear: her mother had been shot dead.”

World champion web designer: Meet Amanda Galvan Althea Gevero and Maggie Shepard, SWTCA
“In middle school, Galvan began experimenting with picture editing and Adobe Photoshop for the simplest reason–it was fun.”

Xanax permeates Staples student body – Molly Libergall, Staples High School
“Standing there in a friend’s apartment, with Kygo playing in the background and crowd chatter fading to white noise, she broke off one quarter of a two milligram bar of Xanax and palmed the small, “X”-labeled drug, pausing before swallowing it like a pill and chasing with Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey — straight from the bottle.

Students Sit to Protest Racial Discrimination – Kate Casey, Glen Rock High School
“While some people see abstaining from participating in the Pledge as an act of peaceful protest, others see it as blatant disrespect.”

New club presents volunteering, leadership opportunities – Akila Muthukumar, Coppell High School
“‘Unlike any other club, we plan to keep our members on their toes throughout the school year,’ he said.”

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