Photography, Assessing the Test, and Going Mobile: the week on Best of SNO

Everybody made it through winter break ok, right? Good. We did, too. Actually, time flew by because we had some great reading material. This week on Best of SNO, students at Shalhevet take art to the community in the form of disposable cameras, Yuri-Grace Ohashi discusses the current state of testing in schools, and City High goes mobile with one-to-one Chromebooks. Read on for our weekly picks, written and submitted by students just like yours.

Student project gives homeless a chance to show their world – Ma’ayan Waldman, Shalhevet High School
“Titled “Exposure,” Rosie and Maia’s project aims to empower homeless people in Los Angeles by providing them with a creative outlet – disposable cameras – to capture unique moments in their lives.”

Putting assessments to the test  – Yuri-Grace Ohashi, Starr’s Mill High School
“We’ve had some changes in the number [of mandatory tests], which, I believe, have benefited students and teachers by reducing the amount of tests that they must take.”

One-to-One: One Step Forward or One Step Back? – Victor Kalil, Iowa City High School
“Although only 39% of students surveyed think that this move will show a positive effect on their classes, approximately 60% of those surveyed think that this is a step forward.”

Using phones while walking: Is it really harmless? – Himanshi Ahir, Clark Magnet High School
“According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), injuries occurring to pedestrians using their phones have more than doubled since 2004.”

Students explore athletic opportunities beyond the Shalhevet gym – David Edwards, Shalhevet High School
“I’m constantly checking my emails, checking the recruitment websites to see if anyone has committed to any schools that I possibly want to go to, because a certain amount of schools only have a certain amount of spots per year.”

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