Positive People, Personal Evolution, and Protests: this week on Best of SNO

January took pretty much forever to get through, but it’s almost the middle of February already and time is flying! Best of SNO submissions are on fire, so we’ve got reading material to carry us all the way into spring, and that’s awesome. This week, Connor Lin profiles an inspiring teacher, Alex Ellison tells his story to a Sacramento Country Day School reporter, and Sophie Penn captures the scene at a local travel ban protest. Read on for our weekly picks, written and submitted by students just like yours.

History teacher awarded for social justice work – Connor Lin, Carlmont High School
“I am continually surrounded by people who inspire me, motivate me, teach me, and push me into new challenges in the work that I am being acknowledged for.”

From Anna Ellison to Alex Ellison: Alumnus explains his transition from a female to a male – Nicole Wolkov, Sacramento Country Day School
“I always wanted to be ‘one of the guys,’ whatever that means,” he said.

Protesters and lawyers show support at SFO – Sophie Penn, Carlmont High School
Check out Sophie Penn video report on a local travel ban protest.

The affected – Katie Judd, Kirkwood High School
“The worst part of it is that you know you aren’t going to die because that’s just how it feels, and all you want is for it to end and your mind is screaming at you to just use one more time.”

Tautology Club bonds over one quirky interest – Manar Ansari, St. John’s School
“If it sounds repetitively redundant, you’re on the right track.”

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