Singing success, designing dreams, and a Rubik’s robot: this week on Best of SNO

The Best of SNO inbox was chalk-full of seriously impressive students this week– from one student’s success on a popular singing-based television show to another’s construction of a rubik’s cube solving robot, these schools in the SNO Network aren’t wasting any time showcasing their spectacular scholars. And if that isn’t impressive enough for you, we’ve got one brilliant sophomore who’s developed an app for his school, and another talented student designing clothes for Project Runway. Read on for our weekly picks.

SongbirdAlex Walters, McKinney Boyd High School
“She begins to strum her guitar, singing tentatively at first. But as the music swells, she regains her confidence. Within the first 19 seconds, Pharrell Williams hits the red button and his chair turns. Gwen Stefani hits her button only a half-second later. Junior Madi Davis has made it onto “The Voice.”

Peytie Slater designs her destiny on Project Runway: JuniorAlyssa Slattery, Carlsbad High School
“While many high school students strive to fit in among the crowd, sophomore Peytie Slater expresses her originality through her clothing. Slater always had an interest in fashion design, and this year she had the chance to take it to the next level, participating in the first season of Project Runway: Junior.”

Senior Zack Gromko’s robot solves Rubik’s Cube; breaks Guinness World RecordIndre Zalepuga, Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School
“He explained that the initial record-holding robot did not appear too complex, as it had four arms and one camera, leaving several adjustments to the cube. “I wanted the robot to at least be able to beat me, but after I got one of the motors, I saw it could make a turn in roughly 0.06 seconds; I was pretty confident I could take the record,” Gromko said.”

Sophomore develops school appShajid Hasan, Cypress Ranch High School
“With the hordes of techies here at Cy Ranch, it is about time that somebody made an app for the school. Not only was this techie able to create this app, but he managed to do this all while juggling schoolwork, band, and other clubs. This student was no other than sophomore Shrivu Shankar, the boy wonder.”

Six seconds of fame Izzie Ramirez, McKinney Boyd High School
“I mean, we’re basically nationally known now,” Lewis said. “We’re being seen all around the world for it. I’m in the UK, Switzerland, Germany. I just got a bunch of people from Argentina messaging me, it’s crazy. It’s pretty awesome.”

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