The Check Out Your Analytics Edition

When you publish online you can’t see folks reading your content and their fingers don’t get all inky with newsprint, but you can find out exactly how many readers have viewed your website and read each story through the glory of analytics! Then, through analyzing this data, you can make informed choices about your publishing habits. We asked SNO members who have lots of readers and have earned the Audience Engagement Badge what they’ve learned from their analytics and here are their bits of wisdom:

  • Our readers want stories that are quick reads, as the average session duration is just under two minutes. –MHS Redline

  • Our site traffic showed our staff what kind of content people liked and when they liked to read it, which in turn allowed us to schedule posts for social media according to the audience’s interests. – The Apple Leaf

  • By reading about site traffic and analytics, our staff is able to find the optimal time for traffic as well as what our readers are most interested in. For example, we are able to see what time our followers are most active as well as what sort of things our audience will click on a link to or view. This is extremely helpful in determining post time. –BVNW News

  • We learned that Facebook brings the most traffic to our site, and our student body prefers Instagram as a social media source. – The Outlook

  • Sending out stories on social media every day is absolutely essential, but one story is not enough. When we consistently tweet 3-4 stories per day we have higher traffic, so we’ve come to understand that it is important to be engaged with our audience more than once a day. –The Knight Errant

  • Breaking news, contests and video drives traffic. – The Little Hawk

  • We drive in over a quarter of our traffic from social media. – The Patriot

  • The Red Ledger staff is updated about site traffic weekly, giving the writers, photographers, and multimedia members a good idea about how their content is being interacted with. It allows them to know what kind of content is getting attention and is worth posting more about. Web analytics offers positive reinforcement for the staff and continually motivates them to write and take pictures of more and more interesting material. – The Red Ledger

Want more? Check out your own analytics to see what you can learn.

The hits just keep on coming

This past weekend, the Columbia Scholastic Press Association honored eight SNO customer websites with Gold Crown awards. For a complete list of winners, visit the CSPA website.

Check out the SNO glow on this proud staff from Shalhevet High School’s Gold Crown- winning Boiling Point: