The Earn Your Continuous Coverage Badge Edition

You’ve been writing and publishing stories all year, and your coverage feels pretty continuous, but in order to earn the Continuous Coverage Badge, you’ll need to do a bit of extra planning.

The first part of the badge asks you to publish three separate, fully-developed, stories about an ongoing news event in your community and link these stories together. This means that you want to look for a developing story that can be reported on over time. An example might be the hiring of a new principal which would have one story on the retirement of the last principal in published September, the overview of the hiring process published in October, and the introduction of the new hire published in January. To complete this task by May 1, when the badges close for the year, you’ll need to start thinking about what could be your developing story now! Once you’ve got your stories published, remember they need to be linked together.

The second part of the badges asks for you to publish three fully-developed stories within two days of the news events being covered. This quick coverage is pretty straightforward, but it does demand that all parts of the process run smoothly.

For the third part of the badge, you provide the links to four categories. In each of these categories, there needs to have been two fully-developed stories published each week over the course of four consecutive weeks. Using calendar to plan your online publishing can help the staff sustain coverage over time.

Remember when your site has met these requirements, all you need to do is apply for the badge!