The Earn Your Multimedia Badge Edition

Okay people. It’s time to step up your multimedia game. Here we are about a month into 2015, and only three sites have even tried to get the Multimedia Badge. Sure,the criteria may look a bit daunting but earning this badge is really pretty simple.

For the videos, just think story. We’re looking for videos that are between 1.5 and 2.5 minutes that tell a story through interviews, natural sound, and visuals. That’s it. So, this weekend when you are at that one important event that your school has. Break out the video camera, interview a few people, get some shots of the whole event, record some close ups, capture what leads up to the event and what happens afterward, and then bring it back to the computer and edit it down to tell a story. No event this weekend? Showcase a student who does something especially neat. (Lots of hobbies look great on video…)

For the slideshows, just narrow down your last set of photos to the best 5-10 horizontal shots and then be sure you captioned and credited them all. Need more tips on making slideshows? Check it out the help site.