The Earn Your Site Excellence Badge Edition

The Site Excellence Badge is by far the most popular badge that we hand out.  Why? We’re not sure, but it is probably because it means that your site is excellent! To earn the Site Excellence Badge you’ll want to be sure that your site fits all of the criteria, but here are a three additional tips that can go a long way toward helping you get the badge.

  1. Click through all of the categories in your navigation bar and be sure something has been published in each one in the last two months or so. If not, either publish something or delete the category from your navigation. All elements on the navigation bars should link to current content.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of your site and check forwhitespace. If you see some, rearrange and reformat the widgets until its gone. You don’t want any unplanned whitespace on your site.

  3. Check your photos. When you place an image on your website, that image needs to be an original photo taken by members of your staff, a photo taken by someone else that is used with explicit permission, or a photo that has been licensed for fair use. Simply citing the source of an image that is copyrighted is not sufficient. Republishing images off of Google image searches or other websites is not legal and can result in your publication being liable for compensatory damages to the copyright holder. Therefore, it is important to only use those images, audio, and video for which permission has been granted or secured through a license fee or Creative Commons license. More information on this can be found here: