The Earn Your Story Page Excellence Badge Edition

Regardless of your role on the news staff, head on over to your publication’s website and click on any story. That’s right, any story. For real, go look at a story page on your publication’s website. I’ll wait.

Chances are that the story you clicked on is just a story with a photo. While there is nothing wrong with a picture and some text, there is so much more that can be done with a story published online. You can set hyperlinks, add a slideshow, insert a video, create an interactive inforgraphic, change the template, or even display a panoramic image. Creating story pages that provide an enriched and dynamic reading experience is what publishing online should be about, and it’s what the Story Page Excellence Badge rewards.

So for the next story that’s getting published online, think beyond the text and aim to give your readers more than a story, and then once you’ve got eight great looking stories, apply for the badge. (If you’re too impatient to wait for eight more stories to get published, you could always spruce up some existing story pages…)