The You Can Now Submit for Distinguished Sites Badges Edition

Were you one of the first schools to submit for a SNO Distinguished Sites badge?

Yes!  Of course we were.
Great! Glad to hear it. If you’ve already earned a badge, we suggest you check out how great it looks on our client list and tweet about it––you deserve to brag a bit. If you applied but didn’t get the badge, no problem! You can resubmit as many times as you’d like. So don’t forget to keep working on the badges; once you earn all six, then you’ll be a SNO Distinguished Site, and we’ll send you an important sounding press release and a fancy certificate suitable for framing!


No… um… I’m actually not sure what a SNO Distinguished Sites badge is.
No worries. Here are basics. The SNO Distinguished Sites program is made up of six badges, one for each of six components of a modern news website:

  • Continuous Coverage

  • Site Excellence

  • Story Page Excellence

  • Excellence in Writing

  • Multimedia

  • Audience Engagement


To earn a badge a site must reach a set of standards andthen apply. Not a contest with winners or losers, the SNO Distinguished Sites program recognizes all sites that meet the standards.

News staffs are welcome to tackle the badges in any order, striving to earn as many as makes sense for their publication. A site that earns badges in all six core areas will be designated as a SNO Distinguished Site.

You can continue to submit applications through May 1, and your badges will stay on display through December 2015.